Happy (belated) Midsummer!!!

Hi all, Sorry for the sporadic posts on here, but I’m slowly building a portfolio of work that I am both proud of, and feel it best represents my style and abilities. There has been a fair amount of sunshine in the midlands the past two weeks so here are some summery prints I completed […]

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Happy St Dragon Day 🐉

Sorry for a late post, but I just remembered that I hadn’t posted yet today! In an attempt to stray away from knights clad in the St George’s cross I decided to draw everybody’s favourite villain in the story enjoying an item from its hoard. Hope everybody has been enjoying the sunshine this weekend, stay […]

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Pretty in Pink

A few days behind schedule but I couldn’t not draw my favourite Pink Ladies in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Grease (the movie). I adore the colour palettes in both the original and the 2016 live performance, and definitely didn’t watch both of them back to back this afternoon while finishing this up! Maybe […]

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Hands at work..

Todays #marchmeetthemaker challenge was to show hands busy at work! I don’t have any projects on at the moment but have this video of me messing around with a brush pen for a couple of minutes!! Leah x

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Happy St Patrick’s Day 2018!

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2018! Sorry it’s been so long since I last uploaded to the blog! It’s been a crazy few months since I graduated in September: I moved back to my university city, got my old job back, and moved into my very first flat! I don’t have a fully-functioning studio space set […]

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